We’ve worked with the good folks at Princess Cruises for more than 20 years and we’ve traveled the world. Alaska. Hawaii. Peru. Norway. The Caribbean. Italy. Greece. Turkey. Almost Antarctica. And we’ve learned so much. Coolest thing: cruising along at 23 knots and watching hundreds of Pacific white-sided dolphins keeping pace with Diamond Princess, flying above the waves in rhythmic perfection.







At first, we knew nothing about fashion. We were lucky to get the job. But that was 19 years ago and now we know a great deal about fashion (although you would never know by looking at us). We’ve experienced it all – the design and inspiration, the manufacturing of everything GUESS creates… right through to the marketing, which is where we come in. We’ve seen the Marcianos work their magic from the runways of Europe to Hollywood. And the #1 lesson: fashion is about ideas.





We live in an age where information is king, but information is not knowledge. And that’s what’s great about SAGE Publications – one of the world’s foremost academic publishers: they create knowledge… and when striving for democratic ideals, knowledge is the king, queen, and the jack of hearts. Since 2001, the millions of words that make up the books of SAGE – the very knowledge embraced by students from New Jersey to New Delhi – have continued our education.







We’ve cut a lot of theatrical movie trailers for this venerable and fiercely independent motion picture distribution company, which means we get to watch movies at work with a very clear conscience. The films transport us everywhere – from inside the intrigue of the Pentagon Papers, to a family-owned circus in Mexico, to crazy and delectable pastry competitions in France – it's all about, as Jack Warner suggested, "putting asses in the seats."


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